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SACRED VEIL (Chile) - "Purificando la dimensión desconocida"


ORA-MC005 - SACRED VEIL (Chile) - "Purificando la dimensión desconocida" Album 2020

"Purificando la dimensión desconocida" It is recorded on fire as the debut album of this prominent band from Santiago, with members from Colombia and Chile, presents a gloomy atmosphere and a sound almost forgotten, conjured in a dark sonority evoking the old glories of the Black Metal of the 90' as in the early days of Gorgoroth, Satyricon, Mactätus, Vlad Tepes, Mütiilation, Belketre, etc.

Professional Cassette, Limited to 99 Copies.
contact@oratoriumrecs.com / deathcantata@gmail.com
Valparaíso, Chile